Planning Memories of Lily

Lily Jo in utero

May 7, 2009

I recently received a 3-D photograph of my granddaughter in my email. She’s not born yet; she’ll join us in August. I have to admit it; I started crying when I looked at the picture. Before receiving that email, Lily was just a concept, a vague idea in the back of my mind. But there she was, on my computer screen, every detail of her tiny little face in 3-D. I immediately fell in love with my granddaughter; she is as real to me now as if I had already held her and rocked her to sleep countless times.

I can’t wait to begin building memories of this little girl. My father always told me to have a plan, and I am happily planning Lily’s scrapbook – one for every year! I have the spot picked out on my living room wall where all my photos of her will hang (hmmm…I may have to get a bigger living room). I plan to be there for every milestone in her life, recording with my camera her first steps, her ballet recitals, the day she gets braces, you name it.


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