Being Bold While Journaling

It seems to come easier as I allow myself to mess up. The beauty of preparing journal papers this way is that when you do mess up, it is easy to fix it. Just paint over it or slap on a fragment you found somewhere.


My desk is messy. My hands are covered in paint. I am having a wonderful time.

Working on creating background pages that I can work on later. I will most likely add more to these pages, but most of all, I want a place to write my thoughts when they come to me. Soon I will have an entire book of pages created by me…pages that I can pour my heart out on.

The Knight page: I used the mesh bag from a sack of onions to create the background. I lay the mesh over the page and gently dabbed blue watercolor. I allowed some of it to go on thick and added more water for lighter blue. I then flicked the wet brush at the page to create some blotches. The blue circle is not a stamp…it is actually cut out of a Listerine ad in a magazine. I tried to stick to mostly blues in this page.

The blue envelope: This one is just one of those security envelopes. I didn’t do anything to it other than cut open the sides. I liked the raw edges so left them that way. Under the window, I added a little bird picture I found in a magazine.color. IMG_20130802_170616

The red pages: These pages started out as a doodling project that went crazy. I really hated the way it turned out but couldn’t bring myself to trash it. I originally made it to get at something that troubles me a lot lately – Fear. I wanted to give fear another meaning. Anyway, I ended up pasting some fragment pictures from magazines over the worst parts of it. The result is a bit chaotic and the color is intense, but I think it does put my ‘fear’ on the page…a place I would like to trap it. It is interesting to note that after the intensity of slapping red all over those pages, I turned to the calming blue.

Not really happy with these red pages in the least, but I don’t believe in throwing out anything that I journal. I do suppose it does reflect my state of mind at
the time of creation.

Finally, I had fun playing


with the images on the computer 🙂





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