Planning a Travel Art Journal

What is happening this week? Make a list of everything you can think of…here are a few of mine for this week:

  • Car trip to Florida
  • Lily’s 4th birthday
  • Can’t find someone to watch my cats
  • Tutor training seminar (I’ve been planning this event for two months!)
  • Watching Once Upon a Time series

Headed into the week, I know what I am watching for – items and photographs that I can include in my journal when I get home from my trip!

Some things I will be sure to collect include

The agenda from the seminar

Wrapping paper from birthday party

Gas receipt (maybe?)

In preparation, I have prepared a little travel journal that I can keep in my purse and work on while I am away. I found a small composition notebook with lined pages. I ripped out about 1/4 of the pages and then used a glue stick to fasten two sheets of paper together throughout the book. This will make my pages a bit sturdier when I start adding to them.

Next, I glued down some old newspaper scraps to some pages. Other pages I glued in pages from an old fairy tale book. I will now apply gesso to those pages and paint some of them.

Here is the cover of my travel journal. I found this little sun bookmark in my jewelry box and attached it to the cover for a way to tie the journal closed when it is full!


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