Making Template Cut-outs for Art Journal

I decided to try making some templates that I could use in my art journaling. I am still a beginner, but I just continue to let myself play and get messy – and MESS UP! Here is a picture of my messy desk. Love it! 🙂


It is so important when you are starting out with this to not be intimidated by the great art journals out there! Just keep trying different things, mixing the colors and the medias, and don’t censor yourself! I’m hoping I get better with the art form, but what is most important to me right now is the process, not the product.

Anyway, back to making templates….

Find some pictures in magazines – preferably ones that have the figures with limbs stretched out. I’ve found those work better for templates. I cut out the picture all around the edges, then traced the cut-out onto sturdy paper – or you can use cardboard. When I want to use one of my templates, I simply grab the sturdy cut-out and trace it out onto whatever medium I have chosen (colored paper, fabric, paper, etc.). See pictures below for the process.

8-6-2013 4-31-08 PM2IMG_20130806_1625122IMG_20130806_0950352



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