Taking the Art Journal to the Canvas

So today I decided to try something on a bit larger scale…the canvas. I’ve had a couple of canvases laying around for many months, so took the plunge.

First, I lightly drew a grid with a pencil on the canvas. Then I used different shades of blue to make 4×4 inch squares.

This always becomes a problem for me because I like the background that I created so much that I didn’t want to do anything else to it! Move on, Karen!


So, I decided to try the dripping paint technique (see the video from the previous post).

I then used a drawer liner mesh thingy to add a bit of texture here and there. I only used three colors in the whole painting – blue, white, and metallic gold. I glued a circle cutout in the upper corner and painted the whole thing with watered down gold. Then I added one of my woman templates and lightly outlined it with watered down white and then blue.


I set the whole thing aside to dry for about 10 minutes. Finally I peeled off the circle and the woman template, leaving behind some of the paper because it hadn’t dried all the way. Loved the effect!


It now hangs on my wall above my desk, and I’m thinking about fiddling with it some more…..

Here is my cat, Katniss, curled up in my shoebox of magazine clippings, watching my every move…



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