Working with What Moves You (Art Journaling)

So, I’ve been working through the Daily Paper Prompts over at Daisy Yellow for two weeks now. I am so far behind. The problem is that sometimes a prompt moves you and sometimes it doesn’t. I do try them all, but there are some that I am not very good at (actually having to draw something!). I do try most of them, but I won’t bore you with my failures.

I very much enjoyed the Artist Trading Cards (DPP #26) and got a bit carried away with it. I liked the idea of making cards that I could carry around with me, so I decided to use an actual deck of cards (ATC’s are the size of a playing card) and create some positive affirmation cards. I really would like to make a deck of inspirational scriptures as well. I painted each card with gesso first and then used acrylic paint to create a background. Some of the cards I simply pasted an inspirational quote on, others I used shapes (castle, woman, flowers) cut from an old book. Then I added a bit of stamping and watercolor here and there and some inspirational words cut from a magazine.





I also enjoyed drawing the mandala (DPP #23) because it allowed me to just sit on the couch and watch TV while I drew and colored in. Later I added a bit of watercolor to the background. Not my best work, but, hey…it was relaxing!



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