Using a Spiral Notebook for an Art Journal

IMG_20130831_080252I love spiral notebooks. They are sturdy enough to hold the weight of my pages and the spiral binding holds all my pages together nicely. I use these little spiral notebooks for some serious playing around. It can be really scary to buy a pretty journal and then mess it up with markers and paint and all kinds of things. The spiral books are cheap and far less scary to get messy with!


I start by ripping out half of the pages in the book. Once you start making pages, you’ll need that extra space or your book won’t close.

Next I use a glue stick to glue 2 pages together throughout the book. It makes sturdier paper to start with. Then I add masking tape to the edges of these doubled pages. I really like the tape on the edges as I’m working because they provide a sturdy edge to turn the pages with once they are loaded with paint, etc.


Don’t try to be exact with the laying down of the tape. The taped edges add some texture to your artwork later on!

Don’t throw away the end of the tape roll! Save it for later use to make circles and strips with paint or ink!














Next I add some paper to the paper. I like to use pages from an old book. I call this journal my music journal because I used an old music book for the foundation paper. This paper gives more weight to the page so it can handle your artwork.


Finally, add a layer of gesso to each page. This takes a bit of time because you have to wait for the page to dry. Gesso dries pretty quickly though and you can always use a blow dryer to speed the process.



Once everything is dry, you are ready to start creating backgrounds and journaling!



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