Spilled Journaling (Art Journaling)

I recently picked up Journal Spilling by Diana Trout and love it! This is the kind of journaling and art for me. I’ve never been one for rules, but I understand I need to learn the rules before I can break them. So, I continue to study basics of design and take drawing classes online here and there. But what I love to do is to pick up a paint brush (or pencil or crayon, etc.) and just let my hand move.


In this journal page, I had been using the color pink elsewhere and just slashed the remainder on my brush onto an empty page. I came back to it a few weeks later (today) and saw there a face. Well, actually it was just two pink slashes that looked like closed parentheses (  ). But I could see the face there nevertheless, so I started sketching.

I started with acrylic but switched to Neocolors. I love the versatility of the Neocolors (and they take me back to my crayon coloring childhood!).

I don’t spend a whole heck of a lot of time on these pages. Generally, I start around 7 am and am finished by 8 am and ready to go to work. I actually like the unfinished quality of the result (or maybe I’m just lazy). *smiles*



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