Travel through Time with the Time Card Series

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Episode 5 Civil Rivalry is now available in print, Kindle, and pdf format!

Even more exciting is that Season 2 – Episodes 6 and 7 will be available in all 3 formats by the end of September! So get caught up with Episodes 1-5!

TC 6 BookCover

These books are perfect reading for daily reading time in a classroom. Project the story on the projector screen and read aloud with students. The episodes build on one another as the Time Card kids ‘jump’ to different points in history.

Season One will be available as one book (Episodes 1-5) on September 30th, so check back often for updates.

series 1 cover


“Perfect for reluctant readers! My son read The Mysterious Case in one day and is looking forward to the next book.”

“The book was the perfect size for beach reading. Ready to read the next book!”

“My kids enjoyed the story, the girls are in love with Blue, and the boys think Jesse is hysterical.”


The stories are available at for .99 each.

They are occasionally offered for FREE, so be sure to LIKE The Time Card on Facebook to stay informed!

The Time Card Series 1

Episode 1: The Mysterious Case

Nothing ever happens in St Andrews, a sleepy little town in North Carolina. Nothing that is until the appearance of a small tightly sealed metal case. The three middle school friends, 13 year-olds Australian-born Blue, his neighbor Jesse, and Jesse’s sister Ellie live in these backwoods. One day they stumble upon the metal case in a creek while they are fishing. What’s inside it? How can they open it since it has no catches or hinges? There’s something in it, as they can feel the contents rolling around inside. The three friends lose badly as they resist bullies on the bus, but can they turn it all around by using their new time card?

Episode 2: Declaration Time

In this episode, the pilot of the craft that jettisoned the mysterious case meets with a mysterious Admiral and is tasked with retrieving the case before evil forces find it. On earth, Blue, Jesse, and Ellie accidentally find themselves in 1776. After Jesse accidentally changes the course of history, the friends must race to save Thomas Jefferson before the power runs out on their chronometer.

Episode 3: Rebooted

The pilot who jettisoned the Time Card case, Tam Harnik, heads for earth and encounters trouble with tracking down the lost time card.  Blue, Jesse, and Ellie must deal with the nosy Ryan and Jake, who have been snooping around the computer shed. The three friends find themselves chasing the bullies through the past, trying to stop them from upsetting history and changing all their histories. Will they save the timeline? Or will a change in the timeline be something they find they actually want to keep?

Episode 4: Escape from Harvard

Tam Harnik, the pilot from afar continues his search for the missing time card case. He tries to remain undetected in the small town of St. Andrews by melting in with the general population. Ellie has a school paper due and talks Blue and Jesse into using the time card to gather research at Harvard. The kids run into trouble when Harvard security questions why three kids are on campus and Ellie tells them the truth. Blue and Jesse have to rescue her from the flabbergasted adults. And then there’s the matter of that strange being impersonating a lab professor. Who is he and what does he want?

Episode 5: Civil Rivalry

In the final episode of the first series, Jake Barker and Ryan Johnson steal the time card, and the three friends must hurry to find it (and the bullies) before history is changed. The Daktars threaten again, and Commander Tam Harnik hones in on the kids and the time card.

The Time Card Series 2

Episode 6: War in the Heavens

In Episode 6 of the Time Card Series, the three friends find themselves in a Daktar jail cell after being abducted by the Daktar alien rebels. Tam and his fighters rush to rescue the kids and find themselves in the fight of their lives. Meanwhile, Blue, Jesse, and Ellie won’t sit by and wait to be rescued; they take matters into their own hands.

Episode 7: Eureka!

Episodes 1-5 in print and electronic form


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