Transforming Ugly Pages

The beauty of art journaling is that you can go back and transform an ugly page. We work so fast when making these pages…truly the pages where I shut down my brain and just create are the pages that I love the most. It seems that the pages I think of as ‘ugly’ are always the ones where I had my thinking cap on! No worries…if I hate it that much then there is no risk involved to go in and change it!

Here is my ugly page (the first page in the journal…yikes!)


I added some color using Neocolor crayons and then used a bit of water to smudge the crayon…


I added some stamping and some white gel pen and called it a day…


Still perhaps not one of my favorites, but it is a VAST improvement on the ‘ugly’ page!


What do you do when you end up with an ‘ugly’ page? Tear it up? Paint over it? Collage over it? Would love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Transforming Ugly Pages

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  2. I am so new, and don’t feel li ke any of my pages are pretty. I tear them up. I have watched so many videos, and read so many books. I think I am already burned out. Enjoy playing with my journal, I don’t want to give up.

  3. Oh, don’t tear them up!! I have so many pages that I don’t like, but I tell myself it just doesn’t matter. Does working in your journal make you happy? Does it bring you some peace? It does me…even when I create pages that I think are crappy! Don’t give up, Ellie! Just PLAY! I get great ideas from the videos and other artwork, but I give myself permission to bring my own interpretation to it when I imitate someone else. Sometimes just one image in another’s artwork will set me off. I highly recommend doing the Daily Prompt Prompts at Daisy Yellow. They really helped me overcome my fear of not being good enough. Put a big sign over your desk that says, “BE MESSY! ENJOY THE PROCESS!”

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