Using My Poetry for Art Journaling

Working on my Herstory project in a workshop with Danielle Daniel. Danielle’s style is very different from my own, so it is difficult to follow her directions to the letter…typical of me that I wander off on my own. 🙂 But one thing I did take from the workshop is to listen to the painting…what is the girl saying? As I worked on this girl, I listened to her, and she reminded me of a poem that I wrote years ago called The Book of Eves. Since I already had a similar background on the facing page, I decided to do a mirror image of the girl on the opposite page. I used wax paper to trace the girl and recreated her on the other page by flipping the cutout over. I didn’t want them to be exactly the same though because that would not match what was in the poem.

I am still working on both girls. The eyes are all messed up and need LOTS of work. As always…enjoying the process!



The Book of Eves

The pages are mirrors

Eve before, Eve after

If she slams the book shut

the mirrors will collapse

into one another page

after page of glass breaking

Eve and Eve shattering

into one another and softening

into an imaginary self pretend


August 1, 2008 Karen Hamilton Silvestri




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