Making Mini Hand Sewn Journals

9-29-2013 9-30-49 AMI’ve been reading about Victorian crafts and am amazed at how much those Victorian women loved their journaling and collaging! They go a bit overboard for me and it isn’t really my style, but I had to try stitching together a mini journal (a la Emily Dickinson). I am still working on these books pictured here….

The first one I tried measures 4×4 and is made out of mixed media drawing paper. The cover is some stiff scrapbooking paper that I bought years ago when making a scrapbook for my new granddaughter. A true Victorian journal would have beading and buttons and scads of lace, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put all that stuff on! It is a nice little purse size journal though, and I plan to keep birthday dates, phone numbers, and quotes that I like in it. It is also nice to have in my purse with some blank pages, so that I can doodle while waiting in lines, etc. (I have no patience for lines and so forth!)

9-29-2013 9-38-11 AM

(I am not a huge fan of spending forever trying to get things perfect…I am the very definition of a messy artist. Please don’t even try to figure out my stitching here….if you are a perfectionist, your best bet is to Google ‘how to sew book signatures together’.)


The second journal book I created, I used just regular index cards folded in half. I created 3 signatures of 4 cards. (A signature is a group of pages sewn together. Most books contain many signatures. Again, the cover is scrapbook paper (hard). This one ended up being 2 1/2 x 3 inches.









Next I am going to try creating one of brown packaging paper and then one created out of a brown paper bag. Some other ideas I have seen are cereal boxes, tissue paper, old book pages, and playing cards. So much fun and a great way to RECYCLE! Go green! 🙂


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