Random Pages (Art Journaling)

I haven’t posted much here lately, but I have been working in my art journal. It is my peace, my safe space. I fight with my inner critic constantly that I am not as good as others, that I am in fact just horrible at this. I bet you do too. I have to remind myself that I don’t do this so that people will say, “Oh! I love your work!” I do it because it calms me. When I truly let go and just draw whatever I want, or rip up magazines and paste all over a page, or splash paint on paper or canvas, I feel at peace with myself. And that is all that matters.

Here are random ‘peaceful’ moments that I carved out of the busy month of November. I expect less in December, but I will still try to at the very least do some sketching for later use in the new year. Some of these are finished; some of them are backgrounds for later journaling.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Take time to nurture yourself, create something – anything, and BE PEACEFUL!




Collage – acrylics, marker, cut out paper, washi tape, stamping


Acrylic, cardstock cutout and marker



Neocolor crayon spritzed with water, marker




Stamps from Unity, Neocolor crayon


A bit of everything! Magazine cutouts, washi tape, markers, acrylics, stamps


Background is washed out Neocolor crayon, Zig pen markers, picture of my granddaughter




Neocolor crayon and marker



Neocolor crayon spritzed with water (I LOVE this technique!)




Acrylic paint, marker, and some flower doo-dads


Neocolor crayon and stamping. The girl is a cutout that I pasted on with gel medium.


Almost all acrylic paint and stamping.




Acrylic paint and markers. The girl is a cutout that I drew in my sketchbook. Her dress is cardstock.




Acrylic, cut out girl (not painted yet). This is a page I will journal on later.

DSCN0551[1]Laid up with a hurting back. Just doodling while resting on the couch with a heating pad. Can’t wait to color it in while watching television. 🙂

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