Recipe Blocks (Mixed Media)

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies are a Christmas tradition in my house. I made a recipe block with the recipe on it. Now I have a Christmas decoration in my kitchen and the recipe handy!

I got this idea from the Art of Holiday Goodness workshop with Christy Tomlinson.


The finished product




I used decorative duct tape on the rough edges of the block. I tried to glue down my cookie platters to the wood, but they wouldn’t stay on. I had no problem after I added the tape! I’ve seen some people use a background of paper. I think the tape works better on the rough edges.



The Process

I gessoed the entire block before starting. I happened to lay the damp block down on some corrugated cardboard and this is what happened. No worries! I gessoed over it; it adds some texture. šŸ™‚


Use a small brush or your finger to add some paint here and there all the way around the block.

9 0

Traced my houses on some old music paper and patterned paper.

9 1

You can see in the background that I added some strips of colored cardstock paper and more paint before gluing down my houses. You can use glue or Mod Podge or gel medium. Be sure to press out any bubbles. You can also use decorated tape instead of colored cardstock.

9 2

Next, add a light coat of gesso over the cutouts.

9 3

Paint however you want. Add some bushes and trees.

DSCN0572Fine tuning…chimneys, tree stump, etc. Use a fine black marker for outlining. You should put a light coat of Mod Podge over the entire thing BEFORE the outlining. I did it after and it smudged my windows.


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