Preparing the 2015 Art Journal

art journal cover

I have so missed working in my art journal these past few months. One thing good did come out of being away from it though – I learned some great tips on art journaling when you think you are too busy to art journal! You can check out those tips in my next post – Tips for Art Journaling When Life is Too Busy.

Anyway, working on my cover and preparing pages for 2015. Last year, I stopped journaling around June because my planner ran out of pages and I was too busy to make another one (I ended up using a composition notebook to journal in, but the art part went out the window for a while).

This year I will use Canson notebooks that fit in my purse. Each notebook will hold two months. This is just my preference; others want all 12 months in one place. I used two Moleskins in 2014 (taped together) and got 6 months out of that (if I had prepared four of them ahead of time, I would have had enough for the year!).

canson sketchbookmoleskin notebook

Anyway, I like being able to carry my planner with me, so I choose the small notebook. So, I have 10 Canson notebooks that I will prepare before January. I will probably bind them all together at the end of the year into one big art journal scrapbook – what a fun way to end the year!

Preparing the Planner

  • Skip the first page.
  • On the back of page 2, add the first weekly planner page.
  • Starting with page 3, count 4 pages. On every 4th page add a flap.
  • On the back side (so it will be on the left) of every 4th page, add the next weekly planner page.


Adding the flap – I use Washi tape.


My weekly page ready to be filled up!


A finished weekly page from 2014

Easy peasy!

Be as creative as you want with your weekly planner pages. I start out with just the basics – I pencil in lines for the days and add the title at the top. I’ll save the creative stuff for later as I go along.

I grabbed my stamps and added random stamps here and there. Because I might be short on stamping time later on!

I found some old wallpaper to use for my cover this year – in honor of my moving back to Florida. Remember that you can always change your cover! And if you use the short notebooks, you can have several covers!

The important thing right now is to lay out the blank planner. I learned from last year that it is much easier to find time to art journal if the ‘canvas’ is already prepared!

art journal

Documented Life Journal 2014

Need some more inspiration?

Daisy Yellow – some great daily prompts for art journaling.

The Documented Life Project 2015 – a wonderful group with so many ideas and weekly prompts.

Journal52 – more inspiration and weekly prompts

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